Who & What the YBL?

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"Did you like that grenade I tossed into their midst?"

Yellow Brick Letters
ISSN 2789-9012

Chief Editor: Brad Collins <brad@chenla.la>

Events & Communications: Ruben Seja <ruben@chenla.la>

Address: Chenla Institute, Prek Leap National Institute of Agriculture, National Road 6, Sankat Prek Leap, Khan Chroy Changva, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Yellow Brick Letters is a multi-disciplinary journal which is published quarterly. Issues are released at the beginning of each quarter, with articles and letters serially added throughout that quarter. Future issues are announced in advance and may contain notes, drafts and previews of articles and letters in advance.

Yellow Brick Letters and The Yellow Brick Road are part of Chenla Institute, a non-profit research group dedicated to understanding human civilization and working to build better possible futures for humanity.

Yellow Brick Letters is published in partnership with Prek Leap National Institute of Agriculture in Phnom Penh.