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"Another damned thick book! Always scribble, scribble, scribble! Eh, Mr. Gibbon?"

Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester and
Edinburgh (1781), as quoted by Sir Leslie
Stephen, "Dictionary of National Biography"
(1921), vol. 21, p. 1133

As we launch. this is still very early days for development of the backend. The site has now moved from the hand-built MVS minimum viable snowflake stage to MVP minimum viable product stage of development. Pages are now generated using a template system using the templatel package but it is still all generated from a single directory. The next step will be to refactor the templates and better organize them and then move each page into its own git repo. This provide us with a baseline for the next stage of development which we will introduce in the coming months.

As such it is very much a work in progress and subject to substantial change as we make the transition to a minimum viable production stage.

Yellow Brick Letters is made entirely using Free and Open Source software. Content and code is created in Gnu Emacs using Org-mode running on the Gnu Guix Operating. Version Control is provided by Git. Graphics are created using Gimp for bitmaps and Inkscape for vector graphics. PDFs (coming soon) will be created by exporting org-mode markup to LaTeX using the Tufte LaTeX Class, which is then converted into PDFs. Web content uses a heavily customized version of Tufte-CSS.

We use Google Noto Serif, Sans and Mono fonts.

The web site is powered by the Apache2 Web server running on Debian 10 (Buster) running on bare metal in a rack in our office at the NIA campus.

Git Hosting is provided by the fine folks at GitLab.