* SIGH *

Sometimes it's best to just rip the plaster off all at once. We have reset the launch of Yellow Brick Letters… again. The first issue will be Spring 2022 starting in April.

One of the most difficult things about very long term projects is guessing when that ever receeding horizon you've been crawling toward is really, finally, impossibly resolving into a destination or if it is just another shimmering mirage. Once you've decided that it might be real it feels like the hard part is over and everything will go much faster. This is not the case. I vastly underestimated how much work would be required to build out the infrastructure, tool chain and workflow for publishing and bootstraping applied projects. We are already two years into that transformation. When we started I foolishly believed it would only take a few months. Silly rabbit. You'd think I would have learned by now….