Sir John Claude White, 1905


Ruben Seja

Ruben is a new media artist, writer and producer in San Diego, California. He has been developing art and multimedia with computers for fifteen years. Ruben is the International Art & Technologies Coordinator at the WorldBeat Center in Baloa Park in San Diego. He has exhibited works in Recife, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Guadalahjara, Tijuana and Yajima. Ruben presently lives in Phnom Penh.

Brad Collins

Brad has lived and worked in South East and East Asia for the past 20 years. Among other things, Brad co-founded one of the first ISPs in Hong Kong in 1992, helped lay the first X.25 backbone between Bejing and Guangzhou, built a video-on-demand testbed for 50,000 homes in Bejing, was a partner in an animation and video studio in Osaka Japan. Brad has lived in Phnom Penh since 2012.

Robert LaQuey

Bob is the holder of a BSEE and Ph.D. from Rice University, worked as a research physicist at UCSD and the Princeston University Plasma physics Laboratory. He has extensive experience in electronic systems design of embedded systems. Bob is currently based in the Philippines, developing network based software for a local project.