Making Sense

[2013-06-23 Sun] The days since my last post, I've been trying to make sense of where to go next. I'm terrible at the way most people blog. This post is a perfect example of what I don't like about blogs. Lot's of pointless little posts that provide bit-sized knee-jerk reactions to things for the sole purpose of posting something. [...]

Plan Cddr Overview

[2013-06-19 Wed] Just uploaded Plan Cddr: Backup, Primer & Restore. Plan Cddr is Chenla's Big Vision, that pulls together all the work we've done going back to 1997. The Burr Metadata Framework, was developed as the data structure for the Backup. The Saltmine Server software that we are developing will manage very long term archives and libraries encoded in BMF. And Studyhall Template provides a base unit for establishing educational programs, research and development communities to build a global, multi-lingual, distributed federated network of very long term archives and libraries. [...]

Site Comments and Tags

[2013-06-18 Tue] I've spent a fruitless day trying to get Disqus Comments and Tag links on the blog working. No joy. [...]

The Studyhall Template

[2013-06-14 Fri] We have just updated the Studyhall Template Project Page. We have been putting a lot of work into the studyhall template concept over the last six months. Our original goal was to establish the first studyhall in Vientiane, Laos, which was only an hour's drive from where I was living in Udon Thani, Thailand at the time. We still intend to eventually open a studyhall in Vientiane, but it won't be our first. Our plans abruptly changed when I was lured to Phnom Penh with the enticement of a potentially lucrative unrelated project that didn't pan out. But in the process I found that I had permanently relocated to Cambodia. [...]

New Presentation

[2013-06-13 Thu] Just uploaded a presentation that I have been giving at several universities in Phnom Penh over the past few months. The next presentation will be at the National University of Management in Phnom Penh on friday 14 June. [...]

Its been a long time baby

[2013-06-13 Thu] It's been a loooong time since we've updated the site. We're trying to change that now. A lot has happened in the last couple of years. We have now permanently moved to Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. And we have a nice little office with a nice view of the park on Street 108, from the balcony you can see the 14th century pagoda Wat Phnom, as well as a clear view of Phnom Penh's tallest building the 38 floor Vattanac which is nearing completion. We are about three blocks from the Tonle River, and a 15 minute walk from where the the Tonle meets up with the mightly Mekong River. A lot has happened, and we have a lot of new stuff to share here in the coming weeks. [...]

Japan Rebuilding Monument

[2011-06-15 Wed] Our very own Chenla co-founder and artist, Ruben Seja together with Dusan Pomothy, artist and Stanley Rodriguez, a Kumeyaay Elder, have been invited to construct a Rebuilding Monument to those lost in the earthquake/tsunami earlier this year in Ohfunato, Iwate Prefecture in Japan. The project will be completed between 20 June and the 21 July, 2011 with the help of 20-30 volunteers from Japanese Universities in the prefecture. [...]

Bread Cast Upon The Waters

[2010-09-26 Sun] I have been thinking a great deal about how to build organizations and institutions which can survive very long periods of time. But how do you justify such investments, especially to a generation the measures time in nano-seconds and measures success by the ROI in the next financial quarter? [...]

We Are Back

[2010-09-25 Sat] It's been a rough few months since the concert in May, but we're back. We may not have been posting, but we've been working hard on a number of ideas and projects which were hinted at in the presentation we gave in March. [...]

Chenla Concert

[2010-05-17 Mon] For all of you who couldn't make it to the concert, it was your loss, you missed a great show. Thanks go out for the world class performances from Domingosiete, La Santa Cecilia & the PLopez Project. Thanks to Stone Brewing Company, Carl Strauss Brewing Company and Ballast Point Brewing Company for providing such classy beer. Thanks to George and Maria from Red Oak Catering for providing food which was worthy of both the music and the beer. Special thanks to Alex, Mucci, Memo, Lorraine, Roberto, Lamine, Stephanie, Ed and Danny – we couldn't have done this without your hard work. And finally, thanks to all who came to the show, your support is greatly appreciated. [...]