New Chenla Home Page

[2015-07-18 Sat 11:15] If you have gotten here via our landing page, we have a new web site that now points to this blog. will now provide an overview of different projects we are working on, some of which we've already announced and few big ones that will be announced in the next weeks. All of the content from the old site is now hosted here on and can be found through the links on the left. [...]

Primer Topic Levels

[2015-07-17 Fri 10:48] Since studyhall is designed to be a series of self-directed study programs that are part of a larger lifetime-learning plan, traditional course material is not adequate. Topics will be revisited at different times of a person's life with different needs. So what is needed is a flexible means of covering topics that can be approached at different times in different contexts. [...]

New Blog Home

[2015-07-03 Fri 12:50] We are in the process of moving the old blog which is hosted on GitHub (thanks GitHub!) to a virtual machine in our own cloud new service Kinto Cloud here in Phnom Penh! The blog will be hosted at and we will have a shiny new landing page at that will provide an overview of the different projects we are undertaking here at Chenla. [...]

Naga For Beer Party

[2014-06-12 Thu] We're throwing a party on Monday 16, June, 2014 ostensibly to let people know about StudyHall and our nascient Naga Shop that will help further cryptozoological studies in the Greater Mekong River Basin :) But actually this is just an excuse to get together, drink beer, show off our new office (still very much a work in progress), and see how people might be able to contribute to our menagerie of educational and real research projects (it's just a shop folks). Did I mention the beer? See the map on our contact page if you don't where we're located. If you have any problems call Brad 010 628 234. [...]

We Contain Multitudes

[2014-04-09 Wed] The full breadth of what we are working on is somewhat difficult to grok at times. This organizational chart shows all the different pieces of how Chenla and our commerical sister company Repozit I/O fit together should help. Some of the items in the chart haven't been publically released yet. All will be revealed in good time. [...]

What a Difference

[2014-03-31 Mon] Our Web server went down a month ago. Sorry about that. We're now back up, using Github Pages to host the site. Thanks Github! [...]

Our New Building

[2014-02-11 Sat] We are very pleased to announce that we have finally managed to lease a building here in Phnom Penh. We had been promised a building last year by persons who shall not be named. But the national elections and the uncertainty after the elections were contested put many things on permanent hold. So we made the decision to go ahead and rent a building ourselves. [...]

Douglas Englebart RIP

[2013-07-04 Thu] Doug Engelbart died on Tuesday at the age 88 from kidney failure at his home in Atherton, California. Engelbart is best known as the inventor of the mouse. Let's just get it out of the way for those who haven't seen it. Here is the YouTube video of Engelbart's famous Mother of all Demos: [...]

Studyhall Slide Deck

[2013-07-02 Tue] Just uploaded the Studyhall Slide Deck on our Downloads page. This will be the primary presentation that we will be using when pitching the Studyhall. This took a suprisingly large amount of work to put together. I hope the effort was worth it. We expect the Presentation will evolve over time, as we fine tune our pitch over time, so expect it to change from time to time. As always, feedback is welcome. [...]

CD3WD Project

[2013-06-30 Sun] I'm nearly finished reading Annalee Newitz's Scatter, Adapt, and Remember. I will have more to say about her book when I'm finished, but I wanted to mention a the CD3WD project which she wrote about in the book. Newitz described CD3WD as something that could potentially be used as a primer to rebuild civilization after a collapse. [...]