New Blog Home

[2015-07-03 Fri 12:50] We are in the process of moving the old blog which is hosted on GitHub (thanks GitHub!) to a virtual machine in our own cloud new service Kinto Cloud here in Phnom Penh! The blog will be hosted at and we will have a shiny new landing page at that will provide an overview of the different projects we are undertaking here at Chenla.

Like the old blog, the new blog will also be built on Jekyll but I've got a new workflow based on ox-jekyll-subtree by Artur Malabarba who has also written a nice overview on his wonderful emacs blog Endless Parentheses. If you use emacs, you should check it out.

Ox-jekyll-subtree makes it possible to export any subtree in an org file as a jekyll blog post. So an entire blog can be kept in a single file! This simplifies the workflow because you keep drafts, entries that are finished but not posted to the blog, and published posts all in the same file.

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